Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Lesson From The Court: Ya Gotta Commit!

This morning my son and I were at the gym and we decided to warm up with a game of one on one.  We hadn't played basketball together in a while and the sounds and smells of the ball and hardwood were a welcome reminder of how much I have always enjoyed playing hoops.  Considering how long it had been since I had dribbled (not counting the saliva kind of dribbling) I was pleased to be sinking a fair amount of baskets.


As the game got into its groove I noticed that I almost always could tell if a shot was going to be good the moment the ball left my hands. I could feel it because in that instant I knew whether I had committed to the shot or not.  If I was committed, in it went.  If I was just going through the motions, however, the ball had no chance of hitting its target.  The thing is, it was easy to feel the difference between going through the motions and committing.  If it is so easy to know the difference, why would I ever just go through the motions?  Why can't I commit to every shot?

Game Theory

I realized that this applies to just about everything we do.  We can tell when we are just going through the motions.  We feel it.  We know it.  Yet we still do it.  I still do it.  What a waste.  Just as in a basketball shot, going through the motions - in anything - is rarely if ever going to lead to success.  On the other hand, if you commit, really commit - to just about anything - not only does it feel right, but it has a high probability of being a winning shot.  At one time or another we are all guilty of just going through the motions - with family, friends, relationships, business - I know I have, and I know if I am honest, I can feel the difference, just like on the court.

It Is Our Choice

I want to sink more baskets, in life and in everything I do, so I am going to try harder to commit fully to every action, large or small.  When I sense that feeling of just going through the motions I will do my best to quash it and commit instead!

How about you?

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Linkbait Generator Should Scare You More Than Osama Bin Laden

I couldn't resist.  Like the Bullshit Generators and Buzzword Generators of the not so distant past, today I discovered a new website full of "mesh mission-critical infrastructures" and seeping with "unpredictable bottom-up hierarchy."  This new website will singlehandedly catapult this very blog to the highest peaks of the blogosphere as if I were the veritable CEO of SEO himself.  Yes my faithful readers (and those of you who were drawn here for the very first time because of the truly awesome headline above), today I discovered the "Linkbait Generator" and I assure you this blog (and countless others) will never be the same.  Hat tip to my good friend CC Chapman for bringing this time wasting gem of a blog building tool to my attention.

Start fishing with your own Linkbait now! (and let this be a reminder....you can't always believe what you read in the headlines...)  

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Location ROI: The Relevance of Interruption

Location, Location, Location...  

William Shakespeare once said that "all the world's a stage" and we are merely players... That 
was then and this is now.  Now all the world's a location waiting to be "checked in" to...  Our modern lives are nothing more than a growing trail of digital breadcrumbs as we actively and passively record and broadcast our every move to friends and strangers alike.  Despite the fallout over Facebook and the perils of privacy (or the lack thereof) our liberation of our location is not necessarily the epitome of evil.  There can be benefits to location awareness, if we are just aware of them.

Bring On The Marketers

Last month Jay Berkowitz invited me to speak on a "Location Super Panel" at the 2010 SFIMA Summit held at Nova University, headlined by a great Keynote by blogger, podcaster and all around mensch, Mitch Joel, of the highly regarded Agency TwistImage and author of the bestselling "Six Pixels Of Separation."  An engaging speaker, Mitch set the tone for a day of sharing and learning, and it was my pleasure to contribute a few pixels of my own.  I was asked to prepare a short presentation on location and given the influence of my own experiences and employment in the mobile content industry I gave some thought to the influence of location on mobile content and marketing.  Key points of my talk include:

  • We live in a mobile world. 
  • In a mobile world, location creates context.
  • Context, not content, is King!
  • Context creates relevance.
  • Relevance determines the impact and success of marketing and advertising.
  • Mobile advertising is an interruption.
  • Successful Mobile advertising is gauged by the ROI: the Relevance Of Interruption.
  • Location Aware Content personalizes your experience.
My slides, and a video of the presentation (courtesy of @iamjeffcohen) are embedded below.

Myxer's Jeff Sass Talks Mobile, Location & Content at the 2010 SFIMA SUMMIT from Jeffrey Sass on Vimeo.

YOU ARE HERE! Myxer's Jeff Sass at SFIMA Summit 2010
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Do you agree with where we location is taking us?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and views in the comments.
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