Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Love Lucy! (and Twitter)

Yes, Twitter is like an episode of I LOVE LUCY...
(to find out how, read on...)

If you read through the posts on this blog you will see that I am an avid user and fan of Twitter. As a loyal Twittizen, Twitter has been fun, it has been a resource, it has been a discovery channel, it has been a meeting place, a community, a respite, a river of information and entertainment, a view into the future, past and present, and just plain cool. It truly has been a benefit to me both personally and professionally. I have met new friends and and established legitimate business leads. It has been a platform for business mashups like my TwitTones, (shameless plug: follow @myxertones for a FREE daily Indy Music ringtone delivered in a Tweet) and it has been an outlet for creativity and (hopefully) humor, such as my experiment with poking fun at my Social Networking "Hobby" as an addiction. It is truly amazing how impactful, interesting and inspiring random bursts of 140 characters can be.

So, what about I LOVE LUCY???

Yesterday @newmediajim asked how we would describe Twitter. He called it
"...sort of like if LinkedIn were having a cocktail party. "
I thought about how I would describe Twitter, and realized it is like an episode of I LOVE LUCY -- Specifically the episode where Lucy is working in the candy factory, and the chocolates are rolling by her, faster and faster... so I responded to NewMediaJim:
"Twitter is like the chocolate conveyor belt in I LOVE LUCY. Lots of great treats flying pluck the ones that look sweet!"
And it is! If you have a great group of diverse folks you follow, as I believe I do, you have access to a constant stream of community consciousness you can tap into any time... from your PC, from your phone, from your connected PDA of choice. Like Lucy's conveyor belt, the Twitter machine is constantly full, and moving fast. You can scramble to catch them all (as Lucy does in the beginning of the skit), or you can slow down, observe what is going by, and pick and choose the tastiest of morsels from the Twitter train of thought. Chew, Chew (Choo Choo!)

Lucy or not, I am having a Ball with Twitter!

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