I am a self-proclaimed gadget geek and early adopter, and an experienced entertainment and technology executive.  My career (thus far) has spanned the worlds of traditional film and TV as well as computer games and mobile technology.  I have co-founded and run publicly traded companies and I have written and produced for film and television.  After almost 5 years as VP of Marketing and Business Development and Chief Evangelist for mobile entertainment leader Myxer, I recently shifted my role to that of a consultant in order to pursue some additional interests and opportunities and to be available to help other companies.  In addition to continued work for Myxer I am co-founder of Social Object Factory and am overseeing marketing for a start-up that has applied for a new gTLD (top level domain name.)

An avid Social Media enthusiast, I podcast and write for several blogs and I am a regular speaker at conferences, events and schools on topics ranging from Social Media, to Mobile, to Entrepreneurship.  You can find out more than you would ever need to know about me by visiting my digital hub at JeffreySass.com.

As a student of creative writing at Cornell University I had to put together a collection of my stories and poetry, which, at the time, I cleverly entitled, "Sassholes."  Many years later, when I dove headfirst into Cyberspace and started this blog, I could not have thought of a better name for it.  The articles, opinions, views, and corny jokes that appear within this blog are mine and do not reflect the opinions of my employer or anyone else. 

I hope you find what I have to say thoughtful, inspiring, entertaining, and at the very least, not boring.  If you do find value in your visit here please subscribe by RSS or Email, leave a comment, send a tweet, tell a friend.  Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

I have been around the world and around the block and at this stage of my experience I take great pleasure in sharing, teaching, mentoring, guiding and contributing. 

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