Friday, June 03, 2016

Dear Diary: A message to my Elon Musk Inspired Gaming Overlord

Dear Diary,

Good morning. Coffee. The elixir of life. Tired. Somewhat relaxed, although I have a ton of things on my plate. Between work, family, finances, etc., I have more things on my to do list than I can ever possibly complete.  It is, and should be, overwhelming...

Yet I am happy.  As I should be.  I will deal with these things step by step and without allowing myself to become overcome by stress.  After all, if Elon Musk is correct, I am merely a simulation - a character living within a complex computer game to entertain and satisfy the whims of my highly advanced future, or perhaps even Alien overlord, the player of the game, the literal master of my universe. 

Are you reading this along with me as I write, or is this something you may or may not ever even discover as you have grown tired of my part of in the game and won’t ever dig deep enough to view the things my SIM(ple) mind may create when you are offline and not watching me?  Or are you sitting there now, controlling and influencing my every action, my every thought, including these words, and the gentle taps on my real to me yet simulated keyboard as I type them (or are you typing - or perhaps thinking - them, and thus pushing these very words out through my feeble, fabricated facade of a mind)?

In any of these cases, what does it matter? If your advanced technology has given me a true sense of consciousness and thus I can feel emotion, love, happiness, sadness, pain, sorrow, angst, anger and countless other feelings that are, to me, quite real, then I am fortunate to exist in your world, and hope (dare I imply that a mere simulation can also hope - despite the fact that in the multilayered, uber realistic world you created for me I have been told by many that "hope is not a strategy") - hope that you will be pleased with the way I am meandering through my so called life. I hope that you will be challenged and entertained by my actions and decisions, presumably made in some sort of concert with your own desires to win this game, or at least enjoy passing time observing it.  

After all, from my role and perspective, while I may have my consciousness and live within the context of a sentient being, I have no visibility into how many “energy hearts” may remain on your dashboard next to the avatar that represents me, nor do I know how close you may have come to losing, or worse, deleting, my character from your world.  So, my unknown highly advanced overlord, my galant gamer, I wish you the best of luck in this game you play. I urge you to play well, win massive amounts of points (or whatever they may be called in your actual advanced world) so that I may continue to… continue.  

Play on, and play well!

Photo Credit: Fotolia  grandeduc