Saturday, January 23, 2010

Myxer's BoomBox Looks At The Mobile Entertainment Boom!

As you may know I have been in "mobile" for over ten years, and for the past three I have worked for Myxer, the popular mobile entertainment website.  As the iPhone and other Smartphones have emerged as the primary Internet device for most of us, at Myxer we have experienced tremendous growth in users, engagement and mobile downloads.  Today Myxer has delivered nearly 1 billion downloads to over 30 million users.  As a result, we have collected a lot of interesting mobile industry data and we have just issued our first "BoomBox Report" to openly and transparently share some of our analytics and findings.  Our goal is to slice, dice and highlight our data in regularly monthly reports.

The first edition of Myxer's BoomBox Report looks at the trends we have seen across iPhone and Android devices, and gives a brief 2009 handset overview.  You can download the PDF of the report here.  If you are interested, you can continue to get these monthly reports directly by subscribing at  If you have any questions, comments or want to see any specific data in a future edition of Myxer’s BoomBox Report, feel free to leave a comment or email

As you will see in the report, one of the things our data shows is that Android users on an individual basis consume more content from us than iPhone users do.  In my opinion, that's because one platform is more open than the other, and given the choice, people really do want to consume lots of mobile content.  What do you think?  We'd love for you to share your opinions after you have reviewed the data in Myxer's BoomBox Report.  

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Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Get "Get Seen!"

I first encountered the wit and charm of Steve Garfield (of when he was a frequent "roving reporter" for Rocketboom.  This was "back in the day" before we all had video camera's in our phones and when being a "vlogger" caused people to stop and say, "what's that???"  I first had the pleasure of meeting Steve Garfield (of in person in 2007 at the Portable Media Expo in Ontario California, where, as fate would have it, Steve selected me for a cameo in "Twitter: The Movie," a live exercise in video blogging during Steve's session at the conference.  Even then, Steve was sharing his vast knowledge and experience making and distributing online videos, so it is only natural he is now publishing a book on the topic. Since our first meeting in Ontario I've spent more time with Steve in person and have even written about his delightful blogging Mom.  He's the real deal - a great guy who lives and breathes creating "new media."  With that in mind, I have ordered my copy of Steve's new book, "Get Seen" and I cannot wait to read it and apply more of Steve's insights to my own dabbles in online video
According to Steve Garfield (of here's what's in the book:
"In addition to everything I know about choosing a camera, lighting, sound, editing, hosting, conducting interviews, making videos without a camera and going live, I've included interviews with many successful online video creators. In the book I cover connecting with viewers, smart use of metadata, creating niche content, having passion for what you are doing, uploading everywhere, and understanding distribution and marketing."

"Get Seen" is officially released today and you can order your own copy of "GET SEEN" from the Amazon Affilate link below:

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen & Hear: The Sounds of Social Media Jungle CES

Listen!  That was a recurring theme by a number of the speakers last week at Jeff Pulver's Social Media Jungle at CES.  The event was well attended and featured a wide range of speakers including Jeff, Dave Taylor, Chris Rauschnot, Eric Weaver, Robert Scoble, Ben Grossman, Warren Whitlock, Dean Landsman and Dean Meyers, Susan Etlinger, Kevin Sablan, Justin Levy, and myself.

A lot of good thoughts and content was shared, and hopefully the attendees ended the day better prepared to navigate the Social Media Jungle.

My presentation is below.  Enjoy!  (Shout out to Bill Cody - @VegasBill - for recording the video).

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Be Alarmed... The Sony Dash Is Coming!

I am at CES for Myxer business and as a side benefit of having been part of the Sony DigiDad Project for I was invited to the Sony pre-CES Press Conference (the trade show floor officially opens tomorrow).

Suffice it to say that Sony has made a massive commitment to 3D and there are some pretty spectacular demos going on.  That said, the "must have" product for me is the $199 Sony Dash (pictured).  This is the bedside alarm clock I have always dreamed of.  Wi-fi enabled, stereo speakers, gorgeous 7 inch screen, widgets, apps, video and more.  Beautifully designed, it has a rubberized feel so it will stay put, and a clever shape that enables both an upright and a "wedge" positioning (with the screen switching accordingly after a classy fade out and fade up).

With streaming audio and video and a variety of functional widgets (weather, clock, stock quotes, pictures, etc.) I could easily imagine having a Dash in both my bedroom and the kitchen and I would have gladly purchased one right here if they were for sale (they should be available in the Spring).

I can also imagine figuring out a way to make Myxer's catalog of millions of ringtones available as "wake-up" tones on a device like this.  Perhaps I should stop typing this post and go find someone on the Sony biz dev team!  ;-)

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Sunday, January 03, 2010


I call the photo above, taken with my Palm Pre phone, "Reflection."  The lake is still, and the lighting is just right for the sky and water to meld together as near equals.

As 2009 fades away, and 2010 looms large ahead of us, the shift of one year to the next is always a time of reflection.  As I gaze upon this image I look to learn from the past, and plan for the future.

The reflection I see inspires my reflection.  Perhaps it can inspire you too.

Happy New Year!

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