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6 Reasons To Read "Six Pixels Of Separation"

A few months ago I received a review copy of "Six Pixel's Of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone." by Mitch Joel, President of Canadian Digital Agency, Twist Image. I knew of Mitch as I have visited and read his blog, and I am separated from him by less than six degrees through a number of my friends who know Mitch well and even consider him a mentor. As you may infer from the picture, I started reading Mitch's book at the beach over the summer and intended to get my review out before the book's publication. Despite my good intentions, life intervened and I just now was able to finish reading the book. I have good news, and I have good news. The good news is "Six Pixels Of Separation" is a great read, both informational and inspirational. And the good news is, since I am late to the table with this review, "Six Pixels Of Separation" is available now , and you don't have to wait if you take my recommendation to read it (Amazon affiliate link below).

Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.

The underlying theme of the book is that "everyone is connected," and through a very effective conversational style, Mitch takes us through analysis and examples that, if you're listening, will lay the groundwork for an effective and successful path toward making the most of the social media driven, mashed-up, on-line world we live in, whether you are a business owner, an employee or just sowing your own oats to build a personal brand and make your digital mark. Rather than go step by step through the book, I thought I would just present six tidbits to give you a taste of some of the topics and insights that Mitch pixelates on. There are far more than 6 notable concepts addressed in the book, but here are a half dozen thought provoking headings and/or quotes that should give you a sense of the value within the pages.

6 Reasons To Read "Six Pixels Of Separation"

1. "In a world where we're all connected, one opinion quickly turns into everyone's opinion."

2. "Be curious about everything, but ruthless in what you get involved with."

3. "Part of building your audience will involve ethical link-baiting."

4. "Transparency is easy. Credibility is hard."

5. "Connecting is not engaging."

6. "Content is everything. Everything is content."

To learn more about Mitch's take on these and many other ideas you'll have to get your hands on a copy of the book, and I recommend that you do. Some of these concepts you may think you know, or you may think you have heard them before, but there is great value in reading Mitch's passionate, proactive and practical point of view.

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