Thursday, June 21, 2007

Twitter + MyxerTones = TwitTones!

I recently joined a new company, mVisible Technologies. We have built a very cool and powerful mobile content delivery platform called Myxer. The Myxer Platform can ingest any digital file, and spit it out in the proper format for any mobile phone, regardless of carrier. Through our MyxerTones website we are empowering thousands of content creators and independent artists to play in the mobile sandbox, enabling them to create, share and sell their own ringtones and other mobile content without having to worry about all the heavy lifting. We have radically simplified the process to the point where anyone can create mobile content and send it to any phone, right from their own website, blog, MySpace page, etc. But I digress... The real point of this post is to introduce my entry into our corporate mashup competition. Everyone in the company was challenged to dive head first into "Web 2.0" and "Social Networking" and create a mashup of Myxer and another platform or online community.

As you may know if you have stumbled upon this little blog before, I am a fan of Twitter, and Twitter even made a monkey of me... I also believe Twitter is a wonderful discovery channel - a great way to be exposed to new and cool products, services, and websites you might otherwise never have encountered. With that in mind, my entry into the Myxer Mashup Competition was a no-brainer: Twitter + MyxerTones = TwitTones. TwitTones uses Twitter to deliver FREE Indy Music Ringtones. Many people are already receiving their Twitter updates on their it is a perfect platform to use to deliver mobile content. I am not a developer (and I don't even play one on TV,) but I leveraged the ease of use of GoDaddy, Blogger, Twitter, and of course MyxerTones to set up TwitTones. If you are on Twitter and you like Indy Music and personalizing your phone with Ringtones, then TwitTones is for you. Follow or Friend MyxerTones and start getting your daily TwitTone today!