Things I Recommend

On this page you will find affiliate links to products I use and like.  I will only recommend things here that I use on a regular basis and have been recommending to friends and family.  While I don't intend to turn this into a formal "review" section, I will do my best to tell you why I like and recommend the item.


I love this product and use it every time I get in my car. It turns my old Volvo into a new high tech car and lets me leverage my smartphone as my car's media and communications server.  The T505 clips to my visor and connects to my phone via Bluetooth and to my car's stereo via the best digital FM transmitter I have ever used.  Push a button and a voice tells you the best station to tune to for optimum reception.  With a multi-tasking phone like my old Palm Pre or my new HTC EVO, I can be using my car stereo to listen to music streamed from Pandora, get turn-by-turn directions from my phone's navigation software and have it all pause seamlessly when I receive a phone call.  Calls are handled hands free, using the microphone on the T505 and the car stereo.  It really works great, and let's me listen to music, podcasts, Audible books and anything else on my phone, making my daily commute entertaining and productive.  Small and highly portable, I even take the T505 with me on business trips and use it in my rental car.  I've written about it before here as well.

Amazon has a great price on the T505 (much less than what I originally paid for mine) and if you use your Bluetooth capable phone for music and media you will love this product in your car.  Motorola has a newer, similar product I recently saw in Best Buy, but I noticed that it does NOT have the FM transmitter like the T505 has.  That is an odd choice as the best part of the T505 is the seamless link between your phone and the car stereo.  If you pick up a T505, please let me know how you like it!