Sunday, June 05, 2011

Intel's "Museum of Me" Puts YOU On Display

You've probably heard of "Moore's Law" named after Intel's co-founder Gordon Moore.  Moore predicted the exponential growth of processing speed, memory capacity and other aspects of computing devices and digital electronics that we have come to take for granted.  Intel itself has been abiding by Moore's Law, continually introducing new, faster, more efficient, and more capable microprocessors that power much of our digital lives.  At the same time, as technology becomes more and more of a commodity, it is important for companies like Intel to bring out the human side of their tech, and show consumers how smaller, faster, better, can actually be applied to the things we do with our digital tools and toys.

It's All About You

As a clever promotion for their 2nd Generation Core i5 processors, Intel has created "The Museum of Me," which slickly uses Facebook Connect to create a sleek and charming virtual walkthrough of The Museum of YOU!  Connect with your Facebook account and in a few moments you'll be the featured exhibit, with the museum walls adorned with your friends, photos, words and more.  It is a visualization of your social graph on Facebook that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and it is a great reminder of the "wow" factor a creative use of processing power can deliver.  Click here to get your Guggenheim on and march through your own private MOMA.  A day at the museum is always fun!

DISCLOSURE: I am part of the “Intel Advisor” program and am compensated and/or receive other value from Intel to advise and attend events on their behalf. 
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