Sunday, February 28, 2010

Latest Myxer BoomBox Report Maps Android vs. iPhone States (and Mars vs. Venus)

The State of the Android vs. the State of the iPhone is quite literally presented in the latest Myxer BoomBox Report issued Friday by my employer, Myxer.  The first edition of Myxer's BoomBox Report looked at the trends we have seen across iPhone and Android devices, and gave a brief 2009 handset overview.  In this second edition of the BoomBox Report we take a closer look at where Myxer's registered iPhone and Android users reside as well as the ages, genders and content preferences of the users of different Android handsets.

The Nexus One is from Mars and the Behold is from Venus

Behold the gender makeup of Android devices.  Given the geeky robotic sci-fi nature of the widely distributed Verizon DROID commercials, we would have expected it to be the #1 Android device among men.  As it turns out, only 57% of our DROID users are male while men comprise a massive 75% of our NEXUS ONE users.  At the opposite end of the gender spectrum is the SAMSUNG BEHOLD II with a Myxer user base that is 67% female.  Overall, women on Myxer like their Android and out of 9 handsets studied, all but two, the Droid and Nexus One, are used by more females than males, and across all Android devices, women are downloading more content from Myxer than men.

Are you an Android user?  If so, which device do you use, what's your gender and what State do you live in?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Food, Glorious Food??? Jamie Oliver Cooks Up A Storm at TED

My infatuation with TED continues.  I have yet to watch a TED Talk that I haven't found thought provoking and inspiring.  It is really some of the best content you can find, and it is free!  I have written before about Natasha Tsakos and Philippe Starck's amazing presentations.  If you want a deeper understanding of the TED conference, Robert Scoble has written an insightful overview.  This year's TED just took place and according to reports, one of the highlights was Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver's passionate talk on obesity in America.  He shares some shocking and revealing statistics about how our fast food nation is literally eating ourselves to death. As someone who can certainly afford to lose a few pounds I need only to look in the mirror and at many of the people I see day in and day out to recognize that Jamie speaks the truth, and how far we have lost our way when it comes to diet and food.  What do you think?  Do you and your family cook fresh food on a regular basis?  Do your kids know how to prepare a meal using "real" ingredients?  Are these basic skills our fast-paced, over processed society has left undone?  Food for thought...

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's The Buzz? Google Is The Network!

There is currently a lot of buzz about Google Buzz, but the thing that struck me about the announcement of Google's new "social" add on to Gmail was the way the product was introduced.  Like many of you, I watched the product launch streaming live, in real time, on YouTube.  I learned about the features of Buzz at the same time, and with the same level of information, as the writers from TechCrunch and Engadget who were sitting in the room with the Google team.  I was able to "tune in" to Google through what is essentially their own (owned) network - YouTube.  That is powerful, and to me, was potentially more groundbreaking than any of the features of Buzz.  With an ease and reach beyond the scope of perhaps any other company on the planet, including more traditional "media" companies, Google can "turn on" a live video stream instantly available to just about every Internet device, everywhere.  Sure, anyone can "live stream" their event using Ustream and countless other platforms, but somehow it is not the same.  Somehow it seems much more significant to me when a company with the size, reach and power of Google is also the network.  I think we will find ourselves "tuning in" to YouTube for Google information more and more.  It's a good thing they have vowed to "do no evil" or this could get really interesting!

What do you think?

DISCLOSURE: Google has supplied me with FREE SOFTWARE for email, documents, spreadsheets, chat, voice communications, maps and directions, calendars, image storage, search, advertising... yada, yada, yada....

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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Starck Truth: We Are All Mutants!

Lately I have been on a TED Talks kick, watching their inspiring videos each morning while at the gym.  It is a great way to exercise both body and mind, as the TED presentations, no matter what the topic or who the speaker, are without fail thought provoking and full of creative inspiration.  I have mentioned this before.  Yesterday I caught the presentation by famed designer Philippe Starck. I own a cool, inexpensive Philippe Starck watch from Fossil, and I've stayed several times at the Starck designed Paramount Hotel in N.Y., so I am aware of and appreciate his work and taste, but I never had a taste of how his mind works.  I found it quite brilliant and fascinating.  In particular, I was struck by his highlighting the fact that we, humans, as a species, are at the halfway mark.  In other words, from the infamous "primordial soup" to now it has been approximately 4 billion years, and science projects we have another 4 billion years before the sun implodes and takes the earth with it.  If we went from a single cell creature to the creature we are today in 4 billion years, can you imagine what "we" will become in the next 4 billion years?  That is quite a question!  You can hear it posed far more eloquently and entertainingly in the video below.  I think it is well worth a few moments of your time.  What do you think?

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The iPad vs. The iDad! - Dad-O-Matic

Over the weekend I had a little fun comparing the Apple iPad to a much more capable device that "beats the pants off the iPad (and it even wears pants!)" As I mentioned in the original post at, "the iDad is the one device that every household with kids should have, and it has standard features that clearly put the iPad to shame, including cameras, multitasking, expandability, and even a significantly longer battery life."

Which would you rather have, an iPad or an iDad?

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