Monday, October 12, 2009

Twitter: An Army Of Evangelists At Work...

If you track the "social media" mentions of your name, company or brand (which you should be doing on a regular basis) there are times when you may be frustrated by negative comments or bizarre misinformation being spread as the gospel. However, there are also times when your "vanity" search causes nothing but smiles and you realize that "it works" and "this social media thing is cool!" This is one of those smiley moments.

When plowing through the "Myxer" mentions in an RSS feed of a Myxer Twitter search in my Google Reader I noticed a number of "@RoseMcGowan" tweets recommending Myxer to her. Further investigation led me to a tweet from the talented actress asking her Twittizens: "Does anyone know how to get songs (to use for ringtones) that aren't on iTunes? For iPhone 3Gs." Literally dozens of her Twitter followers responded to her Tweet by recommending that she check out Myxer. The image in this post is just a small sample of the Myxer Evangelists on Twitter at work... It was great to see how quickly Rose McGowan's fans were willing to help her out, and how quickly our fans were willing to share their affection for Myxer.

In part due to my own addiction, Myxer has been active on Twitter since June 2007, and it is great to see the positive impact and influence grow. We've had a number of different employees contributing to our Twitter account and social media efforts over time. Congrats to them, and thanks to all the good Twittizens who pointed Ms. McGowan our way.

The concept of leveraging social media to build an Army of Evangelists or engage your raving fans is nothing new, but it is great to see it in action.

What are you doing to use social media to create your own army of evangelists? If you have had your own smiley moments, please share them in the comments.

And of course, please feel free to follow me and Myxer on Twitter.

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