Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Is For Android (And Advanced Task Killer)

I am a fickle geek.  A mere year ago I was waxing poetic of my love for my Palm Pre.  Alas, that was then and this is now... and now I am a bonafide, card carrying (er, Evo carrying) Android Fanboy.  I am completely enamored with my Evo's large screen, fast processor and robust apps, the latter sorely missed on my ex, the Pre.  Finally I can enjoy Kindle books on my phone and many of the finer apps my Apple minded friends have long taken for granted.

An App A Day Can Keep Apple Away

Despite many co-workers and even my own sons' lavish praise of iOS and their iPhones, I find I am quite pleased with the Android experience and, especially coming off the Pre's lackluster App-luster, I am more than happy with the selection of awesome Android apps in the Market.  I am always experimenting with new apps, to the point where lately other Android users in my office have been coming to me for App suggestions.  With that in mind, I am going to start periodically highlighting some of the Android Apps that have become my favorites.  Since the default presentation of Apps on my Evo is alphabetical, I will go through my favorite apps, from A to Z, in a series of posts, starting with this one.  If you are a fellow fandroid, I hope you enjoy and find these suggestions helpful.


Advanced Task Killer by developer ReChild is one of the first "must have" apps I added to my Evo, and I believe it has improved both performance and battery life by effortlessly deleting unneeded apps and processes that may be running in the background given Android's multi-tasking abilities.  Advanced Task Killer, available in both a free (with ads) and paid versions (no ads), gives you the power to proactively kill running apps and processes on demand, or at preset time intervals.  A simple check box lets you exclude specific apps from getting killed, a convenient touch if you play music or run other background tasks that you don't want interrupted.  

Advanced Task Killer gives you more control over your Android phone's memory management keeping behind the scenes clutter to a minimum, and thus, in principle, performance to a maximum.  It is easy to use both as a manual tool, or something you can essentially "set and forget."  Now, I started using Advanced Task Killer when I first got my Evo, and before the recent update to Android 2.2 (Froyo), so I have not fully tested performance with and without using ATK under Froyo.  While I believe using ATK has improved my Evo's performance, there are others who believe you should not use a task killer. Your mileage my vary based on your device, and the assortment of apps you have installed.  As with any app, I recommend using the free version of Advanced Task Killer first, and see if you get results that make you happy.  You might find that Advanced Task Killer is the killer Android app you've been waiting for.

What do you think?  Has a task killer like ATK improved your Android experience?

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