Thursday, July 01, 2010

Video Still Hasn't Killed The Radio Star (According to Myxer's BoomBox Report)

Survey Says... 

The latest edition of my employer Myxer's "BoomBox Report" takes a look at music and surveys 1,049 Myxer users to learn more about how they discover and listen to their tunes.  Myxer recently started offering full-track MP3's for download online and on Android phones, so it seemed like a logical time to turn up the volume on understanding user's music consumption patterns.

Discs And Discovery...

Surprisingly, 74% of the respondents said they still buy physical CD's.  When it comes to discovering new music the number one with a bullet was radio, which was also an unexpected response.  47% said they use radio to discover new music.  15% got turned on to new tunes at iTunes while Facebook, Twitter and MySpace collectively accounted for 18%.  As an avid Pandora user myself, I was surprised that only 5% of those polled opened that box for new music discovery.

You can see the full survey results and download a PDF of the report at

Where do you discover and buy your music?


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