Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's The Buzz? Google Is The Network!

There is currently a lot of buzz about Google Buzz, but the thing that struck me about the announcement of Google's new "social" add on to Gmail was the way the product was introduced.  Like many of you, I watched the product launch streaming live, in real time, on YouTube.  I learned about the features of Buzz at the same time, and with the same level of information, as the writers from TechCrunch and Engadget who were sitting in the room with the Google team.  I was able to "tune in" to Google through what is essentially their own (owned) network - YouTube.  That is powerful, and to me, was potentially more groundbreaking than any of the features of Buzz.  With an ease and reach beyond the scope of perhaps any other company on the planet, including more traditional "media" companies, Google can "turn on" a live video stream instantly available to just about every Internet device, everywhere.  Sure, anyone can "live stream" their event using Ustream and countless other platforms, but somehow it is not the same.  Somehow it seems much more significant to me when a company with the size, reach and power of Google is also the network.  I think we will find ourselves "tuning in" to YouTube for Google information more and more.  It's a good thing they have vowed to "do no evil" or this could get really interesting!

What do you think?

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