Sunday, February 28, 2010

Latest Myxer BoomBox Report Maps Android vs. iPhone States (and Mars vs. Venus)

The State of the Android vs. the State of the iPhone is quite literally presented in the latest Myxer BoomBox Report issued Friday by my employer, Myxer.  The first edition of Myxer's BoomBox Report looked at the trends we have seen across iPhone and Android devices, and gave a brief 2009 handset overview.  In this second edition of the BoomBox Report we take a closer look at where Myxer's registered iPhone and Android users reside as well as the ages, genders and content preferences of the users of different Android handsets.

The Nexus One is from Mars and the Behold is from Venus

Behold the gender makeup of Android devices.  Given the geeky robotic sci-fi nature of the widely distributed Verizon DROID commercials, we would have expected it to be the #1 Android device among men.  As it turns out, only 57% of our DROID users are male while men comprise a massive 75% of our NEXUS ONE users.  At the opposite end of the gender spectrum is the SAMSUNG BEHOLD II with a Myxer user base that is 67% female.  Overall, women on Myxer like their Android and out of 9 handsets studied, all but two, the Droid and Nexus One, are used by more females than males, and across all Android devices, women are downloading more content from Myxer than men.

Are you an Android user?  If so, which device do you use, what's your gender and what State do you live in?