Monday, February 08, 2010

The Starck Truth: We Are All Mutants!

Lately I have been on a TED Talks kick, watching their inspiring videos each morning while at the gym.  It is a great way to exercise both body and mind, as the TED presentations, no matter what the topic or who the speaker, are without fail thought provoking and full of creative inspiration.  I have mentioned this before.  Yesterday I caught the presentation by famed designer Philippe Starck. I own a cool, inexpensive Philippe Starck watch from Fossil, and I've stayed several times at the Starck designed Paramount Hotel in N.Y., so I am aware of and appreciate his work and taste, but I never had a taste of how his mind works.  I found it quite brilliant and fascinating.  In particular, I was struck by his highlighting the fact that we, humans, as a species, are at the halfway mark.  In other words, from the infamous "primordial soup" to now it has been approximately 4 billion years, and science projects we have another 4 billion years before the sun implodes and takes the earth with it.  If we went from a single cell creature to the creature we are today in 4 billion years, can you imagine what "we" will become in the next 4 billion years?  That is quite a question!  You can hear it posed far more eloquently and entertainingly in the video below.  I think it is well worth a few moments of your time.  What do you think?

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