Tuesday, December 01, 2009

10 Minutes At Breakfast With #140conf's Jeff Pulver

My friend Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) is the founder and host of the 140 Characters Conference (140conf).  After three successful 140conf events in New York, Los Angeles and London Jeff has established 140conf as the premiere event exploring how Twitter, Social Media and "The State of NOW" impacts the worlds of Music, Entertainment, Politics, Education, Charity, News and Media.  Jeff's events attract an eclectic and exciting group of speakers and storytellers including celebrities, business leaders, and "characters" from all walks of life. Sunday morning I captured a few minutes of Jeff's thoughts and vision over breakfast at Mo's Bagels in Miami, Florida.

(Disclosure: I was an unpaid speaker at two of the three 140conf events - NY and LA -  and I did not pay to attend. I received a  complimentary Kodak Zi8 Camera in a gift bag presented to speakers at 140conf LA.  I am not paid to be Jeff's friend, nor do I compensate him to be mine.  Jeff paid for breakfast at Mo's, but all I had was oatmeal and coffee so I was a relatively cheap date.)

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