Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Scott Sigler Is No ROOKIE Author!

If you have been reading my blog or following my online exploits you may have gleaned that I am an huge fan of the uber talented writer and new media marketing whiz Scott Sigler.  I have been a fan and a friend of Scott's since 2005 when I was among the early listeners of EARTHCORE, the first "podcast only" novel at the time.  Today I received my "signed" copy of THE ROOKIE in the mail and I couldn't be more excited for him or more proud of Scott.  Scott has singlehandedly created his own destiny by grabbing the publishing world by the bal- er, horns and turning their perceptions of how to create a publishing powerhouse inside out and upside down.

When I met Scott he was an unpublished "Podcaster" pursuing his passion part time.  Today Scott is a full-time writer, a "New York Times Best-Selling Novelist" and now, with the release of the gorgeous hard-cover edition of THE ROOKIE, Scott is himself a publisher, with his aptly named "DARK OVERLORD MEDIA" imprint.  Sure, he has a multi-book deal with Crown Publishing, but why should Scott stop there when he has more content and even more rabid fans scrambling like junkies to listen to, watch and read everything he creates.  With a simple goal of total world domination by becoming our Future Dark Overlord (FDO), Sigler is clearly bigger and bolder than what any single publishing house can handle.  His work is truly CONTAGIOUS!

If you are ready to get INFECTED by his writing, here is the Scott Sigler page on (affiliate link).

As much as he is a brilliant writer and on his way to becoming the next Stephen King, Scott's meteoric and methodical rise to the top is a case study in Social Media and Interactive Branding and Marketing worthy of the Harvard Business Review.  Follow Scott and you will not only be thoroughly entertained in mind blowing proportions, but you will also LEARN enormous lessons in how to build a loyal and thriving community.

Scott is no rookie!

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