Friday, April 06, 2007

TWITTER Made a Monkey of Me!!!

Well, perhaps I allowed Twitter to let me make a monkey of myself... And, as you will soon learn, this is not the first time I have been a monkey! It all started when I signed up for Twitter and began following and befriending folks I knew, including podcasters I admire and have communicated with...such as the proverbial prince of podcasting, the Podfather himself, Adam Curry (adamcurry in Twitterspeak). There was no reason for me to suspect that the "Twit" adamcurry was not the "real" Adam Curry. After all, his occasional Twitter posts ("Tweets"???) seemed to coincide with his UK home base time frame, and mentioned events, people and places that were consistent with things discussed daily on the DAILY SOURCE CODE (the same information ANYONE who listens to the show would have access to... DUH!) Hell, his Twitter icon was even the same "Podfather" graphic from the DSC (the same graphic image ANYONE can download with a 2-second Google Image search... DUH!) Did I mention I have a college degree from an esteemed Ivy League institution? DUH!

So, I believed I was "twittering along" with Adam and my other "real" Twitter friends, when I saw adamcurry's Twittered request "Can you mimic the sound of a Monkey? Call and leave your best monkey impersonation at..." and he listed the (publicly available -- DUH!) numbers for the DSC call-in line.

Well, I thought this was funny... and listened carefully to the next DSC show to see if there was any mention as to why Adam was looking for Monkey Sounds... Alas, no mention or hint as to what was up. But clever me, I figured Adam was cleverly experimenting with Twitter... to see what he could entice his minions to do... Far be it from me to ruin Adam's experiment. Besides, I had EXPERIENCE with MONKEY VOICES! During my illustrious film career, I co-wrote, co-produced and was the "VOICE OF THE MONKEY" in the TROMA Cult Classic, SGT. KABUKIMAN, NYPD! I give good monkey!

So, while driving on I-95, Twittering in traffic, I decided to call into the DSC comment line and give Adam a taste of my "professional" monkey voice. Yes, alone in my car (thankfully with the windows up) I hit DSC in my speed dial and let loose a wild barrage of primate prose worthy of any jungle. Feeling a bit awkward, but oddly proud of my contribution to the cause, I looked forward to hearing Adam perhaps play my monkey call in the next DSC...

Several DSC's later, no mention of Monkeys... Until, alas, in DSC #578, Adam admits that someone has been impersonating him in TWITTER! (Although Twitter adamcurry had also admitted this in a Tweet, I remained unconvinced -- read, IN DENIAL -- until I heard it on the "air" from the Podfather himself).

So, I was duped by a dupe! The fake adamcurry had faked me into faking a monkey! Aside from a bit of embarrassment (and curiously wondering what the REAL Adam Curry must have thought upon hearing my monkey message), I have survived. I am now truly a TWIT, literally and figuratively. That said, I am not discouraged and am sure I will continue to monkey around with Twitter!


Deek Deekster said...

very funny

Lou Minatti said...

Curry is an asshole.

Jeff said...

Lou, I beg to differ. I like Adam. Furthermore, there are no "assholes" on this blog... Only Sassholes!