Friday, April 13, 2007

TWITTER is the new "discovery channel"

I have mentioned how Twitter Made a Monkey of Me and Twitter Made a Comic Strip of Me but the real thing Twitter has done for me is to become my primary "discovery channel." It may be R.I.P. for my RSS reader! Why scour scores of subscriptions when I can have the latest and greatest pushed to me live and on the fly? Twitter has become my best way to discover. Discover cool blogs, podcasts, even breaking news... It has been an amazing and inspiring resource. A fleeting glance at Twittervision told me we had lost Kurt Vonnegut. An early morning Tweet on my Treo from the Scobleizer told me of a yet to be reported earthquake in Mexico. A few minutes later, again courtesy of Mr. Scoble, I was watching a live streaming discussion with Chris Pirillo on a slick website, Ustream, that I had never visited before... Another discovery!

Why is this 24/7 "discovery channel" that follows me from my pocket to my desktop so appealing? Perhaps it is innate... perhaps Twitter is the modern way our "tribe" bangs the drum so others can hear us... I know I will continue to beat the Twitter drum (as long as Sprint continues to offer my unlimited data plan!)


Jared O'Toole said...

I love twitter for simply finding the latest articles. I follow things like INC Mag and Entrepreneur Mag and simply see when they have new articles up.