Sunday, February 27, 2011

The First Steps...

While running this morning I realized that it is during the first few steps that invariably I want to quit. It is during the first minute or two of a run when I question my actions, when I doubt my ability, when I struggle between stopping and continuing. Then, after I push through those (mentally and physically) painful first moments, I hit my stride and know that I am okay and will meet my goal and go the distance.

What's A Meta For?

My experience with running is a metaphor for any goal we may have. The first few steps... diving in and actually STARTING... is often the hardest part. The greatest distance is between 0 and 1. Every run I have to coach and coax myself through those first steps, reminding myself that if I stay committed to the steps, I'll make it all the way to the end. This is true for any goal or objective, personal or professional. You have to take those first steps, and not let them foil you. Once you get past them, there is nothing stopping you from completing the journey.

Still huffing, puffing and schvitzing from my run, I shared some of these thoughts in a short video...

What do you think? Are the first steps the hardest?

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