Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fat Blogging vs. PHAT Blogging

So, I am a podcasting addict... I listen to and/or watch more than 60 podcasts on a regular basis... (more on that soon in a separate post...). I have been listening to and watching Jason Calacanis' podcast and I thought I would "weigh in" on the recent attention he has drawn to "fat blogging" or publicly posting one's personal trials and tribulations with the passing or piling on of pounds (a.k.a. DIETING!). As far as I can tell, fat folks have been bloating their blogs with exercise exposition for ages, but somehow, in Jason's inimitable way, he has drawn some attention to the concept and has successfully "branded" the idea (even placing the trademark moniker, "TM" next to the FatBlogging name... as Jason is the consummate entrepreneur, I suspect that in this case the "TM" may stand for "To Monetize!")

In any event, here is my personal take on the crusade against calories. As someone who's childhood was spent shopping for pants in the "HUSKY" section of the store, I have always been an enlisted soldier in the "Battle of the Bulge." For the past 16 years I have been a Vegetarian (strict, but not Vegan -- I do have some dairy, mostly in the form of cheese). Despite my healthy eating habits, I remained the antithesis of the classic skinny Vegetarian stereotype. As the self-imposed "World's Chubbiest Vegetarian" I proudly told people (when they stared at my belly in horror upon learning that
I was a veggie), "hey, there's no meat or fish in cookies and ice cream!!!"

That said, I am currently on a "GETTING SHIT DONE" roll, and in that spirit, I have lost 16 pounds so far this year, and am within reach of hitting a 15 year low weight! How? EXERCISE, EATING WELL, and MANAGING MY METABOLISM. In the spirit of FatBlogging, I will write a separate post dealing with my specific thoughts on the process (at least the process that seems to be working for me... )

Meanwhile, what about PHAT BLOGGING! (or, PhatBlogging
TM). Forget weight loss, let's blog about getting PHAT!
  • Write about how you saved up for your custom gold GRILLS and post pictures of your shiny smile!
  • Write about how you took out a second mortgage to pay for the RIMS on your ESCALADE!
  • Shoelaces? We don't need no stinkin' shoelaces!
Forget about losing weight... get PHAT!

Now that's PHATBLOGGING!!!

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