Saturday, November 10, 2012

Light. Hearted. NYC.

Having relocated to South Florida in 1994 I have learned to live with the annual threat of Hurricanes and the recurring stress of a six month long Hurricane Season each and every year.  I've had my own brushes with the wrath of wicked Wilma in 2005 and understand firsthand what it's like to go without power for two weeks.  My heart goes out to everyone in the Northeast who has been affected by Sandy, including family and friends.  Mother nature has an uncanny way of reminding us what really matters by kicking us hard...where it counts.

As a small effort to honor New York (my home town) and remind folks how easy it is to contribute to the American Red Cross, we (the team at gapingvoid/Social Object Factory) produced this short animation called "Light Up New York."  We hope it shines a light on the needy up north and helps encourage donations to a very worthy cause.  Please share the animation if you are so inclined, and donate if you can.  Thanks!

Can't see the video? Click Here.

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