Thursday, April 08, 2010

Women, Curves and Pearls: Myxer's Latest BoomBox Report Picks Blackberries

Women, curves and pearls?  Despite the teasing headline, this post is not about female shapes and jewelry preferences.  It is, however, about female smartphone preferences when it comes to the Blackberry phones they use.  The latest BoomBox Report issued by my employer, Myxer, takes note that despite the hype and attention surrounding the Android and iPhone platform, Blackberry handsets are still the dominant smartphones among Myxer's users. According to the report:

RIM continues to far outpace Windows, Palm, webOS, Android, iPhone and Symbian based on mobile visits, growing from a 58% market share in March2009 to a 63% share in March 2010. Of the other operating systems, Android comes in second, more than doubling over the same time period from 7% to 17%, while iPhone makes a modest jump to 4%, up from 2% from the previous year. Symbian and webOS occupy the smallest percentage of market share with less than 2% combined, while Windows Mobile was the biggest loser moving from 21% in 2009 down to 10% in 2010.Interestingly, the same holds true when comparing total downloads for the month of March 2010, where BlackBerry accounted for a whopping 72% of the 22 million smartphone content downloads, followed by Android at 14% and Windows Mobile at 7%. The others did not fare as well, with iPhone only grabbing a 2% share, Symbian a 3% share and webOS and Palm only representing 1% of smartphone downloads.

Women Like Their Curves and Pearls

While it is clear that RIM dominates the smartphone visitors and downloads at Myxer, it is also interesting to note that the majority of our Blackberry users are women.  While they are Bold enough to Storm the Tour, as the chart above shows, they much prefer the Curve and Pearl.  According to BoomBox:

As broken down by gender, women were surprisingly dominant across all BlackBerry devices, with the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 having the largest concentration of female users at 70%, and the BlackBerry Storm 9530 having the highest concentration of male users at 46%.

What do you think?  Do any of these findings surprise you?  You can download the PDF of the full Myxer BoomBox Report here.