Sunday, August 09, 2009

Taking pride in a dying art...

"They say it is a dying art, but its not dead 'till the guys like me are gone..."

That's what he said as he brought my well worn shoes back to near new brilliance.  He has been working the same spot in Fort Lauderdale airport, Terminal 2, for 16 years.  He works hard, 12 hour days, and he takes incredible pride in his art and skill, polishing, waxing and buffing with a professional air and flair worthy of a master tradesman.  In truth, hands flying by, brushing with rhythm and reason, his shining shines as only a great performance can.

Rather than applaud, I thanked him and happily handed him twice the stated fee, as had the gentleman before me, and as I was confident his next customer would as well.

It is easy to admire, appreciate and reward someone who takes such pride and pleasure in what they do.  Note to self: don't forget that!

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