Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simply Fab!

It's Been A Hard Day's Night. Well, not really. It was a great night! We were invited to go see The Fab Faux perform. I had never heard of them before. Of course I have heard of The Beatles (and grew up listening to and playing their music). Without question, seeing The Fab Faux perform live is the closest thing you will ever come to the experience of hearing the Beatles themselves on a Magical Mystery Tour. I have seen Beatles tribute bands before, but they are usually focused on assembling four young lads with Liverpool looks and and more ability to mimic than true musical talent. Not so for this Fab Faux. They are musicians first, and well established working musicians at that, with day jobs including the house bands on The Late Show With David Letterman (Will Lee) and Late Night With Conan O'Brien (Jimmy Vivino).

It's certainly a thrill, you're such a lovely audience,
We'd like to take you home with us.
The Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Song: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The audience was not just lovely but totally rocking out and engaged. The show, at the delightfully retro Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale, was sold out. Even though this was the first time in their ten years as a band that The Fab Faux has performed in Florida the house was clearly packed with eager and enthusiastic fans. The goal of The Fab Faux is to bring the recordings to the stage, and it is truly amazing to experience. With strings, brass, and an assortment of bells, whistles, megaphones and tambourines, they miraculously re-create with uncanny precision the intricate and spectacular musical arrangements and vocal harmonies of hit after Beatles hit. It was truly one of the tightest and most enjoyable concerts I have ever been to. If you ever have the chance to see The Fab Faux perform I highly recommend it, Any Time At All!

Here is a taste of the Fab Faux performing "I Am The Walrus" on The David Letterman Show.

Have you seen The Fab Faux in concert? If so, what did you think? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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