Monday, August 18, 2008

BigFoot is Pulling Our Leg!

Frame 352 from the film, allegedly capturing a...Image via Wikipedia In this age of bloggers breaking news before CNN and so-called "Citizen Journalism" often trumping the evening news, is it at all surprising that a "Press Conference" held by "BigFoot Hunters" would attract literally dozens of seasoned journalists? Not at all. News happens NOW, and news is published globally NOW and if you are not right there right then like the paparazzi popping pictures and posting your posts and twittering your tweets it is too late. You missed the scoop and are left with the poop.

Thus, the BigFoot bozos took center stage and center ring at the self-perpetuated media circus surrounding a longstanding legend with huge shoes to fill. BigFoot was not only spotted, but found! As the breaking news chilled the dog days of summer, BigFoot himself was chilling on ice in an over sized Coleman cooler at an undisclosed location. As the journeyman soldier Marcellus sort of said in HAMLET, "Something is rotten in a state of decomposition..."


Inspired by the attention these hacking hunters were able to arouse around some large feet and Halloweenie fur, I set upon my own search for Sasquatch (or in my case, SASS-quatch). I set about meandering through the steamy mangroves of South Florida in search of my own evidence that BigFoot exists...

And I found it!

EXCLUSIVE video evidence of BigFoot on

As if the above video is not compelling evidence enough, I was also able to capture two crystal clear photographs of the actual BigFoot. You can see these startling and dramatic EXCLUSIVE pictures HERE and HERE.

Now that I have put my (big) foot down and squashed the matter of Sasquatch once and for all, I am getting ready to go to work on my next expose... proving that long before the current Phoenix mission there was already tangible evidence of life on Mars!

What do you think?

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