Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twitter: A Shoe-In!

On a recent trip to San Francisco I had the chance to get down to the sole of Twitter. I was sitting in the hotel lobby, debating dinner plans, when I flipped open my trusty laptop to check my email and take a quick dip in the Twitter stream. In a bit of Twitter synchronicity, I happened upon a Tweet announcing a "Zappos Twitter Party" from 6-9pm at an address on Mission Street. I follow @Zappos and had recently been reading about how the Zappos CEO was becoming more and more active on Twitter. I was intrigued. It was not quite 7pm, and Mission Street was just a short cab ride away. No brainer!

When in Rome, Do as the Romans...
When in San Francisco, Do as the Geeks!

So, I hauled Sass over to Mission Street and joined the Zappos crew and many other fine Twittizens for drinks courtesy of Zappos. In a low tech variation on Jeff Pulver's "Real-Time Social Tagging" theme, everyone had their Twitter name written on their right hand, and for free drinks, the word "Zappos" written on their left hand. I had a chance to record a few words with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh (@Zappos) and several others in attendance.

Additional short videos from the party are HERE and HERE.

If the shoe fits... Tweet it!

Shoe Photo Credit: Donald Bartkowiak - Fotolia.com