Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Could a Nokia N95 & Qik Save Your Life?

I was very fortunate to recently gain access to a Nokia N95 and a Qik account, two marvels of technology that go hand in hand as neatly and deliciously as peanut butter and jelly! (NOTE: I really LIKE P,B & J, so that is a compliment). Compact, sexy and fully loaded with digital delights, the Nokia N95 is the quintessential "connected" device with wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, Voice, Still Camera, Video Camera (and yes, I bet it BLENDS!). As I have been playing with the obvious functions and uses of a wireless phone that can stream live video to the Internet at any time, I have also been dreaming about some of the less obvious uses, and one in particular that has captured my imagination.

An N95 + Qik = A Personal Security Camera!

Could this scenario be far from reality? Imagine walking alone at night on a deserted city block. If you have an N95 and Qik, in truth you are not alone. You have the Internet in your pocket... Let's keep going...
You are walking along and see a shady looking character, the DUDE, cross the street approaching you. You glance around and confirm your fear - there is nobody else around. No cars, no lights in any windows, just you and "the DUDE."

Nervously, you reach into your pocket and wrap your now clammy hand around the sleek metal and, hoping the DUDE doesn't notice, you slowly withdraw your weapon. The DUDE is walking faster now, approaching you from the side and behind. Not wanting to look but having to look, you quickly steal a glance and confirm your worst fear. The DUDE is also withdrawing something shiny and metallic from his pocket. His brisk walk is now a trot as he closes the gap between you.

Looking down in your hand you push the button and trigger the connection. You can hear the DUDE's sneakered feet slap the pavement hard as he crosses into your space and calls for you to "Stop!"

You comply, and slowly turn, your weapon of choice facing out from the palm of your hand. The DUDE is holding a handgun, pointed right at you. He seems as nervous as you are, which makes the situation even scarier. Somehow, you call up the courage to speak to him, slowly and deliberately... you say:

"Dude, I don't know what you have in mind here, but you should know that right now my phone is streaming live video to the Internet. My friends are watching you right now, and it's all being recorded. So, you can do something stupid and hurt me and they will all see it and see you, and you will be caught. Or you can just turn around and walk away, and we can forget we ever met tonight..."

You turn the N95 slightly in your hand, just enough for the DUDE to see the illuminated image on the display... just enough for him to register that it really is a camera and you really could be telling the truth...

The DUDE hesitates, looks at you closely, carefully, then mumbles some profanity, turns, and runs away back across the street from whence he came.

Shaking, you turn the N95 around, look right into the camera lens and say, "Thank you!"
Dramatic? Sure. But could it happen? Why not? What would you do? Would you use a device like the N95 to "stream live" as a "Personal Security Camera"???

What other uses can you imagine for a wireless device that streams live video to the Internet? Please add your ideas to the comments!

Photo Credit: ann triling - Fotolia.com
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