Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Be Alarmed... The Sony Dash Is Coming!

I am at CES for Myxer business and as a side benefit of having been part of the Sony DigiDad Project for I was invited to the Sony pre-CES Press Conference (the trade show floor officially opens tomorrow).

Suffice it to say that Sony has made a massive commitment to 3D and there are some pretty spectacular demos going on.  That said, the "must have" product for me is the $199 Sony Dash (pictured).  This is the bedside alarm clock I have always dreamed of.  Wi-fi enabled, stereo speakers, gorgeous 7 inch screen, widgets, apps, video and more.  Beautifully designed, it has a rubberized feel so it will stay put, and a clever shape that enables both an upright and a "wedge" positioning (with the screen switching accordingly after a classy fade out and fade up).

With streaming audio and video and a variety of functional widgets (weather, clock, stock quotes, pictures, etc.) I could easily imagine having a Dash in both my bedroom and the kitchen and I would have gladly purchased one right here if they were for sale (they should be available in the Spring).

I can also imagine figuring out a way to make Myxer's catalog of millions of ringtones available as "wake-up" tones on a device like this.  Perhaps I should stop typing this post and go find someone on the Sony biz dev team!  ;-)

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